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Adaptive Digital Content

Inclusive Access program is two main goals.

Reducing the cost of course materials

Improving educational outcomes for students


How it works for faculty:

How it works for students:

  • Faculty member expresses interest in the program
  • Bookstore will work with the faculty member and publisher to verify use availability of is adaptive learning solution for the text selected.
  • Negotiates a lower price than print for students.
  • Distributes digital content to students on or before 1st day of class.
  • Access to content distributed via email (to address) or Websmart.
  • Students pays for access at time of registration
  • If student drops class, Inclusive Access charges are refunded,
  • If opting out, students will need to submit their request via a linkClick Here to Opt Out.
  • In most cases, print books will be available for students at a discount after add/drop.


  • Reduce price of textbook for all students.
  • Day one access to course content.
  • Most current information provided to students.
  • Adaptive and interactive content (beyond EBook) included
  • Academic freedom for faculty members to select content.
  • Content available to students beyond the classroom

 Click Here answers to Frequently Asked Questions reqarding Inclusive Access.

Please contact Jai Kumar at the Canada Bookstore with questions. or (650) 306-3199.