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Faculty Center Network

The Faculty Center Network (FCN) is a one-stop resource of college textbooks for faculty members to use as a research tool and assist in making informed textbook adoption decisions.

Upon logging into FCN, faculty members will have access to a database containing over 175,000 titles which contains extensive bibliographic information.  Besides the basic bibliographies of the titles in its database, the FCN also provides biographies of the authors, information of previous and/or new editions, links to the publisher's web site, desk copy request information, reviews of the textbooks, links to faculty and/or student supplements associated with the textbook, sample chapters (if available), cover images (if available), and much more.

In addition to bibliographic information, faculty members can review the titles; subject ranking and adoption information.  The title's subject ranking indicates its level of demand within a specific subject area according to MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc. (the Bookstore's vendor partner) order history.  The subject ranking shows the title's popularity within its designated subject area as assigned by MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.  The adoption data indicates where and how often the title is used in colleges/universities in the United States.  Faculty can also view a list of colleges and universities which are using these titles.

The greatest tool within FCN is the FCNotebook.  It allows faculty members who login with a user ID and password to keep a seperate list of the titles they are interested in without having to search for them every thime they visit the Faculty Center Network.  Faculty can also use this list as way of organizing the books which desk copies are needed.  (Faculty members must contact the publisher directly in order to receive a desk copy of any title.)

To receive your own unique User ID and Password, CLICK HERE.  Registration requests requires 2 - 3 business days to process.

If you alread have a User ID and Password, CLICK HERE TO LOG IN.