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Textbook Adoptions

Preprinted Adoption Forms:

The Bookstore delivers preprinted textbook adoption forms to your division's dean and/or staff assistant approximately 2 - 3 months before the end of each current semester.  Instructors should submit their completed, signed and approved textbook adoption forms by the due date for each semester to ensure that the books will be ready for the first day of classes and to ensure that your current students may be able to sell back their books to the bookstore during Finals Week.

The preprinted textbook adoption forms contain course material information (books and supplies) and course enrollment.  This information is based on the last time you were the instructor of record for that particular course and CRN.  Click Here for a sample of what the preprinted adoption forms look like.  When filling out your textbook adoption form, please read the instructions on the form carefully as they may be revised since the last your filled out this form.

Blank Adoption Forms:

If you have misplaced your preprinted textbook adoption form or wish to request additional course materials during the semester, blank adoption forms are from your division's office or from the Bookstore.  Additionally, blank adoption forms can also be downloaded from the Bookstore's web site.

CLICK HERE to download a blank adoption form.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online Adoption Forms:

Beginning in Fall 2010, faculty members may submit their Spring 2011 textbook adoptions via the Bookstore's website.  If you would like to start doing your textbook adoptions online, please EMAIL the Bookstore for a user ID and password.

CLICK HERE to begin textbook adoptions online.