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Bookstore News

Updated: November 11, 2006

Textbook Rental Program Featured in National Magazine

(October 2006)

With the continued focus of rising textbook prices and student access, the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) asked SMCCCD Bookstores Director Tom Bauer to write the feature article for their October 2006 Journal. The NACAS editorial board was particularly interest in the San Mateo Bookstores textbook rental program as well as the commitment to maximizing used textbooks on the campuses for the benefit of the students in our District.

Click Here to download the article.

Textbook Rental Fund Established

(March 2006)

The District “Textbook Rental Fund” has been established with the SMCCCD Foundation. Money donated to this fund will enable the Bookstores to purchase a supply of qualifying textbooks that will be added to the Bookstores’ rental library. The ability to rent a textbook provides a significant savings to our students. For instance, a textbook that sells for $100.00 can be rented by a student for the duration of the semester for just $25.00!

Click Here to learn more.

Textbook Rentals Could Be Private Affair

(January 2006)

Some community colleges in California are hoping that attracting private donations to help fund a full textbook rental program will not only make textbooks more affordable for students, but also eliminate the risks for stores that choose that route.

Read the article from the CM Bulletin. (260KB download)
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Current Textbook Issues: SMCCD Bookstores' Efforts to Provide Lower Cost Textbook Options for Students

(January 2006)

The SMCCD Bookstores (Skyline College Bookstore, College of San Mateo Bookstore, and Cañada College Bookstore) have come up with many different ways to help combat the escalating costs of textbooks. This has ranged from working/brainstorming with other Bay Area community college bookstores, working with faculty members on creating the most cost effective bundles for students, creating a textbook rental program, and working with publisher reps on finding alternate versions of textbooks that are less expensive.

View the presentation shown to the SMCCD Board of Trustees as a web page.

Download the presentation shown to the SMCCD Board of Trustees in PowerPoint. (692KB download)
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Download the presentation shown to the SMCCD Board of Trustees in Acrobat. (3.6MB download)
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SMCCD Bookstores select new POS system

(Aug 2005)

The SMCCD Bookstores selected Missouri Book Service as the provider of its new POS system. The new POS system will be installed over the next academic year with full implementation completed on July 1, 2006. The new POS system will reduce credit card processing time, integrated buy back for all 3 campuses, online faculty book adopitons and much more.

View the presentation given to the SMCCD Board of Trustees. (1.3MB download)
Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Textbook Rentals at Cañada & Skyline Helps Students

(Aug 2005)

In June 2005 through the First 5 Grant in San Mateo County, Cañada Bookstore & Skyline Bookstore were able to start a textbook rental program to help better serve the Early Childhood Education (ECE) students of Cañada College and Skyline College. In addition to the First 5/ECE Textbook Rental Program, Cañada Bookstore was able to expand their textbook rental program through the Cañada Book Fund. The expanded textbook rental program added titles from subjects ranging from biology to English to mathematics.

Read the article from the San Mateo Daily Journal. (260KB download)
Read the article from the San Francisco Chronicle. (100KB download)
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US GAO Investigates Textbook Prices

(July 2005)

In July 2005, the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) submitted a report to Congress on textbook prices at US colleges/universities and how they compare to the exact title found at colleges/universities in other countires. The report also concluded how the costs of developing emerging technology associated the textbooks affects the cost of textbooks.

Read their findings. (7.9MB download)
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(Feb. 2005)

"In January 2004, the State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) released RIPOFF 101, a report documenting the high price of college textbooks. Ripoff 101 surveyed popular textbooks at 10 public colleges and universtites on the West Coast and detailed the gimmicks publishers use to artificially inflate the cost of textbooks. The report sparked extensive media coverage, a call to action from hundreds of faculty members around the country, a congressional investigation, and government action in a number of states, including California, Connecticut, and Illinois." This report was revised in 2005 to cover practices or researched in the 2004 report.

Read the Ripoff 101 report by PIRGs. (544KB download)
Read the Ripoff 101 - Calculus book comparison. (32KB download)
Read the Ripoff 101 - Physics book comparison. (40KB download)
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AB 2477 urges publishers to help students

(Jan. 2005)

AB 2477 urges publishers to "provide to faculty a free copy of each textbook selected by faculty for use in the classroom for placement on reserve in the campus library."

Read the entire Assembly Bill. (16KB download)
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